Thursday, October 30, 2014


Took forever to get this up, but as I mentioned in my last post this week we were invited to Melange X, the 10th annual charity gala for the Milford Regional Hospital in Massachusetts, and it was quite a fancy affair.

This hospital is very special to me, as are all the nurses and doctors and professionals that work there, because they are what got my family though a very hard time when my mom was sick. And ultimately they nursed her back to health. Without the MRH, my mom might not be here today- but she is! and so we must celebrate.

Geoff and I were greeted with drinks immediately upon entering.

Ah the classic side eye. Isn't he dapper though? After 6 years together this is the first time ever seeing him in an actual tuxedo. If you're wondering about my dress, though it's slightly hard to see, its a green sequin Badgley Mischka dress with black trim from Rent the Runway. I cannot stress enough how amazing RTR is- I've rented designer gowns from them for so many events and have never been disappointed. Even in the past when a dress I picked didn't work for whatever reason, the were so quick to get me a different one for no extra cost. So much easier than purchasing a gown for 5-10x the cost, only to wear it once!

MRH converted a local nondescript warehouse into a very festive, elegant spot. The whole place was actually lined with the big boxes that normally take up the warehouse, and it was lit up with pink and blue. This made the pictures come out grainy but it was very cool in person.

Bars were set up throughout the room and waiters brought around little nibbles. We had about 5 bacon wrapped figs each.

There were also little food stations wrapped around the perimeter- this one had dumplings and little asian inspired dishes, which were served in the cutest tiny little bamboo steamers.

After cocktails and bites, we went into the main dining area to start the charity auction, which is really what the night was all about- raising money for a good cause.

The dining room was cool too. The gala is always called Melange, which means "mixture, or medley" and they had pictures from all the past themes as well. Each year's Melange has a different theme- this year it was the power of X, because it was the 10th one. The gala managed to raise more than ever before in auction donations, which is quite an accomplishment!

We then turned our attention to our food, and wine.

The salad was ok, but picture taking was next to impossible. Didn't even bother posting the surf and turf dinner- it was good but as you can see the pink and blue neon lights complicated things!

Very proud of my parents for their participation in this event!

After eating, we had a family photo session, starting with my handsome fiance...

And my amazing parents...

And my BEAUTIFUL sister!

I sure do love my little family.

It was a lovely evening, and I'm so glad to have been able to celebrate with my mom after everything she's been though, and to be able to dance off with her into the night afterwards!


  1. oh, this looks like such a fun night! and your dress is gorgeous!!!

  2. Thanks so much! It really was fun, gotta love playing dress up :)


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