26 years old and living in Boston. Engaged to the man of my dreams. Mama to Max, my old and very dignified (and fluffy) Scottish gentleman.

I would describe myself thusly: coffee addict, animal lover, Europhile extreme, eternal optimistic. If you can get down with any of those things, then we will get along just fine!

I'm an open book, and I plan on filling these pages with all the stories of my life while on my never ending quest for inspiration. Here you'll find just one girl's perspective on life, where I will share stories, book reviews, recipes, and photography.

Thanks for stopping by!

x S

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  1. Wow, I have never seen a photo on a "about me" page that made me smile so bright….Your blog is truly a happy place <3

    <3 <3 from Vienna,
    Mahshid مهشید


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