Thursday, September 18, 2014

So I've gone and started a blog!

After debating for months I finally pulled the trigger.

I like my job in sales, but lately I've been desperate for a creative outlet. I have so much to talk about... books, recipes, photography, travels, ideas, plans for my upcoming wedding (in 2 years), stories and experiences... I'm not a chef, or a professional photographer, but I partake in both activities nonetheless (sometimes poorly, sometimes I get lucky).  I am, however, really really good at reading books. I can often be found with my nose buried deep in one, curled up with my eyebrows furrowed. I want to share my thoughts and reviews with the world! Maybe you'll be inspired to crack open a corset-ripping historical fiction, or a twisty turning detective series or a guilty pleasure dystopian novel. Maybe not. But stick around and we will see!

Anyways this seems like the best way to share my life with my family and friends who are scattered around the US and the world. I hesitantly but earnestly asked a few of my closest, "if I wrote this, would you read it?" and they inspired me to believe in myself and follow my heart.

I figure, the internet's a big enough place, someone's bound to find my ramblings interesting! Hopefully more than just my fiance and his mum!

x S

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