Sunday, June 28, 2015

San Francisco Dreaming

The third day of Sarah's Bachelorette Festivities involved a trip to the city.

We took the San Francisco railroad, which was super easy to navigate, right into the heart of Fisherman's Wharf.

After strolling around in and out of touristy shops, we were accosted on the street by a small group in a boat, offering rides around Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge for only 10 dollars.

We booked it to a 7/11, grabbed a bag with a bottle of bubs, and sprinted back to catch the boat. Touristy? Yes. Incredible picture opportunity? You bet!

What a view of Alcatraz, very famous prison with a VERY interesting history. Impossible to escape, so I've heard.

The Golden Gate bridge is truly an impressive sight, and even more so when your sailing underneath it.

We ended the day with even more oysters at Wharf 32, and sore faces from laughing and smiling all day.

 San Francisco, I will miss you dearly!

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