Saturday, April 18, 2015

Birthday Weekend

This past weekend, I turned 27!

In a very adult manner, I spent the weekend ringing in my 27th year of age by drinking several adult beverages and eating lots of sweets!

On Friday, my fiance's boss & his wife came over. They are so wonderful, and we always have a good time together. Especially when desserts like this are involved...

Big fruit salad, followed (clockwise) by red velvet cakelette, carrot cakelette, NY cheesecake and a fruit tart! Nothing better than a nice dessert spread, a little bit of everything! No pictures of my food, as my swedish meatballs were delicious but sadly did not look very appetizing (hey it happens!).

Saturday was spent with the girls. We started off with some volunteering for the Junior League, followed by lunch at Parish Cafe on Newbury St. In all my years in Boston, I've never actually been here. It did not disappoint. If you are in the mood for a gourmet sandwich, this is the spot! I had The Bristol, delicious herby grilled chicken on foccacia, accompanied by a yummy arugula salad with a lemon vinagrette that I want to remake at home.

There were a lot of pink drinks and high balls with limes going around today.

Today just happened the be the first truly beautiful day of the year. It topped off at about 60-65 degrees F, but the sun did it's part to warm us up. It was truly a beautiful day. Still in our coats but soaking up every ounce of sunlight, we patiently waited for an outdoor table and boy was it worth it.

Boston can be so gorgeous! I truly wondered if all that snow from this crazy winter would ever melt, but thankfully it did- now just need for those trees to start sprouting!

After lunch we tried our hand at a bit of shopping. During out travels, Julia's friend stopped by to say hello! Meet little baby black lab Guinness.

After we had our fill of Newbury St shopping- Sam, Lindsay and I stopped into Bistro de Midi for a cocktail (my cucumber mojito below), and ended up chatting for hours over pink wine, charcuterie and cheese plates. Man I love these girls.

This little restaurant is really cool on the inside, a little french, a little contemporary. I'd like to mimic this mirror collage on a wall somewhere in my place...

After laughing until our faces hurt, we said goodbye to Lindsay, and Sam and I decided to walk all the way back to her place in the North End, stopping to pose like tourists in our beloved city...

What birthday would be complete without Mike's Pastry? Pro Tip: this place is famous, and almost always has a line wrapped around the sidewalk. What people don't know is there is really no line, it's just a matter of walking right in and up to the front, and making eye contact with one of the ladies behind the counter. In and out in no time!

We picked out a cannoli and a profiterole, and ran upstairs to Sam's roofdeck to enjoy them with some bubbles while watching the sunset.

After a bit we grew cold as our little taste of summer slipped away and the April evening chill set in, but it was a perfect day, and a lovely reminder just how close real summer is!

Sam and I spent the rest of the evening picking at our leftover pastries and champagne, and watching Netflix. Couldn't have asked for a better birthday eve. My actual birthday was on Sunday (very fitting!), and was spent lounging and relaxing with my parents and Geoffy. All in all, I'd say this was a fabulous start to another wonderful year. I am a very lucky girl!

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